About Us

Shandong Aohuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise dedicated to technology and new material, which has been devoted to the R&D of energy-saving, environmental protection and thermal insulation materials and external protection system, technical services, technical consultation, product production and application of integrated services.

The company has established a long-term technical cooperation relation with many scientific research institutes in China, and has established good cooperative relations with many large engineering companies. It has become a material supplier for many chemical, power, pharmaceutical and food enterprises.

Professional R&D team, strong technical strength, first-class customer management system, advanced hardware and software processing system, excellent process art, high-quality raw materials, flexible and fast logistics channels, perfect pre-sale and after-sale service system has contributed to the creation of the Aohuan composite PVC protective material for thermal insulation and external protection with good quality and availability of full range types.

The company has a collection of rich experience and a large number of successful cases in various markets. This enables it to constantly improve with innovations for providing customized thermal insulation and exterior protection solutions based on customers' needs and suggestions, and conducts technical transformation of thermal insulation and exterior protection according to the site conditions.

The company takes reputation as its life, efficiency as its foundation, service as its duty, and loyalty to serve every Aohuan customer.

Industry Development

Composite PVC material for outer shell thermal insulation has been widely used in the world. The earliest date of its use can be traced back to the 1980s, when Denmark has developed similar products with outer shell thermally insulated. With the continuous expansion of the application, the composite PVC material for outer shell thermal insulation covers almost all the fields of thermal insulation and outer protection. According to the statistics of the United Nations, 60% of the thermal protection projects in the global market have already been done by using PVC external protection materials, which are gradually replacing the traditional metallic external protection materials in the world.

At present, with the improvement of the industrial development, the requirements are getting increasingly high for the engineering technology quality. Aohuan composite PVC material for outer shell thermal insulation was born in China to subvert the traditional innovative, convenient installation, excellent performance and quality in line with international standards. It is advocated all over the world. Under the environment of building a society of energy saving and the emission reduction, it has become a trend to use Aohuan composite PVC to form the color shell of thermal insulation and external protection system.