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The 2021 China Refrigeration Exhibition will take you directly to the AOHUAN site

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On October 22, the 32nd China Refrigeration Exhibition was grandly opened in Hangzhou. Aohuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. brings Aohuan PVC fitting Cover materials (Mechanical Grooved Fitting Covers, Flanges, valves and other, 90°s 45°s ELBOW, PVC Tee, END CAP, PVC jacket, PVC roll, PVC Cut), etc. A series of products appeared at the booth 1D-L06 of Hangzhou New International Expo Center.


Hit the scene

The booth of Aohuan is located in the northeast of Hall B2 of Hangzhou New International Expo Center. It is mainly in blue and white tones, fashionable and simple, and unique, attracting many visitors to stop and watch. International friends in the industry have shown strong interest in Aohuan PVC fitting Cover series products. The staff of Aohuan uphold professionalism and enthusiastically resolve doubts for the other party.

The theme of this exhibition is "Focus on global cooling and heating, commit to system innovation". As a pioneer in green development, Aohuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has been driven by technological innovation and professional product services as a carrier, actively promoting the development of upstream and downstream industries in the direction of green, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection. During the exhibition, Yingsheng's flagship products and high-quality new products were unveiled one after another, showing the style of thermal insulation.


Mechanical insulation outer protection material

As a high-end insulation system service provider, Aohuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality PVC Fitting Cover for the HVAC refrigeration industry for a long time. In this exhibition, Aohuan PVC Fitting Cover materials are all on the stage. With its rich and diverse product matrix and wide-area application, it has become a highlight of the whole exhibition, fully demonstrating the comprehensive strength of the brand and the ability to manufacture high-quality goods.


Standard Fitting Covers

It is prefabricated into one piece according to the shape of the pipe fittings, which is convenient for installation and does not require on-site production.

The products are divided into: forming short radius 90° elbow, forming 45° short radius elbow, tee, pipe cap, 90° long radius elbow, etc.

Flanges, valves and other

Oring PVC Fitting Cover Reducers and Flanges with 90s, 45s and Tees are very common fittings used where flanges or reducers are required. They are always two-piece accessories. Such parts include concentric cone reducers (CCR) for linear reductions and reducer end covers available for flanged tube reductions as well as mechanical groove reductions.

Mechanical Grooved Fitting Covers

This category includes the 'V', 'G' and 'Low Profile' range of Victaulic & Gruvlok fitting covers. The "V" series features an innovative step reducer end that can be customized on the job site, saving time and money. The "G" series has tapered reducer ends for easy installation in tight spaces. Our "Low Profile" series offers more advanced designs to fit the smallest of spaces and configurations. Also found in this category is the "AGS" Advanced Groove System with a new two-bolt system. A variety of fitting covers are available for most standard mechanically grooved pipe. At the same time, if there is a need for customization, you can send samples to Aohuan at any time. As long as there are samples, we can customize

Full range of products

Aohuan PVC Fitting Cover's full range of products covers HVAC, large industry, building enclosure, ship, locomotive, new energy and other service fields, and has attracted special attention from domestic and foreign HVAC and refrigeration companies and the media industry. On the opening day, many interested customers came to the booth to have a chat with the staff of Aohuan, and the atmosphere was very warm.

The era of energy saving and carbon reduction is sweeping. In the future, Aohuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to increase investment in scientific research and innovation, explore the needs of corporate customers, and provide PVC fitting Cover products that are more in line with the needs of the global market, and contribute to the goal of global carbon neutrality achievement contribution. Thanks to the partners who have been paying attention to and supporting Aohuan


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