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Moisture-proof construction of composite PVC shell in thermal insulation pipeline

Time : 2023-05-20 Hits : 79

When Aohuan PVC Fitting cover is applied to heat-insulating pipelines, attention should be paid to setting up a moisture-proof layer on the heat-insulating pipeline, and the construction of the moisture-proof layer should be laid on the outer surface of the clean, dry and flat heat-insulating layer.

The material selection, layers, and thickness of the damp-proof layer should meet the design requirements. Paste-made phenolic FRP can be used, or a flame-retardant petroleum asphalt adhesive layer can be applied. In open-air construction, it should not be carried out in rain, snow or summer exposure, and antifreeze measures should be taken during winter construction, and the ambient temperature and construction requirements should comply with the actual documents or product specifications. After the insulation layer is installed, first remove the surface dust and impurities and some protruding parts, and use phenolic putty soil to repair and block local depressions and large joints.

If it is an area with a lot of rain or high humidity, it is recommended to wrap the outer surface of the insulation layer with a plastic film of less than 0.02mm first. PVC insulation cladding,pipe insulation,Mechanical Insulation,PVC Elbow,PVC Tee,PVC jacket



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