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Aohuan PVC fitting Cover (mechanical insulation pipe outer protection material) Application in Hangzhou Alibaba Qiandao Lake data center computer room

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Project Overview:

Alibaba Qiandao Lake Data Center, Qiandao Lake, is located in Chun'an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The data center will be used to meet Alibaba Group's application requirements for cloud computing and customers for big data. The design and construction level of the Qiandao Lake data center is close to the Tir4 level, which is the highest internationally recognized standard. It is currently the largest single-construction data center in Zhejiang Province, and it is also a leading new generation of green data center in China. The main building of the project consists of a data center building and The auxiliary building consists of two parts. An IDC computer room that can meet the needs of mobile and other high-end customers. The project aims to complete the construction of communication technology, network, power supply, air conditioning, decoration, fire protection, electrical, transmission and optical cable systems required by about 2,000 standard IDC cabinets to meet the business needs of Alibaba users.

The data center building is mainly equipped with IDC computer rooms and supporting power transformation and distribution rooms, fire protection rooms, office management rooms, etc. The auxiliary building is mainly set up to ensure the continuous operation of the data center for emergency diesel generator units and chilled water unit equipment rooms. Construction situation: The data center building is 110 meters long, 48 meters deep, and has no basement. The first floor of the data center building is 8 meters high, and the second floor is about 4.7 meters high. The chilled water station in the auxiliary building is 65.5 meters long, 16.2 meters deep, 7 meters high on the first floor, and 6 meters high on the second floor. The diesel engine room in the auxiliary building is 35.5 meters long, 16.2 meters deep, 7 meters high on the first floor, and 6 meters high on the second floor.


The owner requires:

Data center buildings have very strict requirements on ventilation, environmental protection, aesthetics, and fire prevention. The owner uses external insulation for the central air-conditioning in the work area. In order to reduce energy consumption of the air-conditioning system in the large-area open work area, it must use heat insulation and external protection materials for pipe insulation (such as PVC fitting Cover, PVC elbow cladding, PVC jacket, PVC insulation cladding, mechanical insulation cladding); secondly, standard products with high fire resistance and long service life are required to be used in the chilled water station of the auxiliary building; Aohuan PVC fitting cover materials of different colors are used to distinguish different pipes, which is convenient for later stages inspection and maintenance.

How to solve:

1. High safety and fire performance: as one of the few centralized control data platforms in Shanghai. The owner attaches great importance to engineering quality and safety performance. In the selection of pipeline insulation and external protection materials, the owner requires that it must meet the requirements of the national "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials" GB8624-2012. Aohuan's PVC fitting Cover material not only meets the owner's requirements with its B1-level combustion performance, but also exceeds the owner's requirements in terms of no molten droplets, small smoke production, and low smoke toxicity in additional classification tests. At the same time, the U.S.imageCertification, USAimageGreen Guard certification, etc. It provides better safety guarantee for the project and is well received by the owners.

2、Fast installation and beautiful appearance: Aohuan PVC fitting Cover (pipeline insulation outer protection material) is a prefabricated material with 14 different colors. Hot water, water supply, water collection and other pipelines all use shell treasure outer protection materials of different colors ,, Easy to install, fast and beautiful. The owner and the installation company gave a very high evaluation and full affirmation to the products of Aohuan.




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